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My name is Laura Novak and I am a Progressive Democrat in an America that I believe is centre left in ideas. I am a total political junkie as it were. I get information and inspiration from MSNBC,CURRENT and BBC  great sources. I am a divorced 57 yr old woman who is part socialist but mostly am a capitalist. I do believe in a safety net..as in social security, medicare, medicaid, helping folks who need help .. the poor and homeless need all kinds of help.  I really do believe in enteprenership.. and building and owning businesses. We need jobs and employment for the unemployed.. come on congress .. get off your but get Pres Obama’s bill passed..


Posted September 11, 2011 by demlaura33

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  1. The blog looks amazing Laura, congratulations!

    I feel you can really enjoy yourself and speak freely about a topic close to your heart, And that is the best therapy anyone could have in their life! Cut loose and really speak your mind!!

    Go for it Laura! I’m really happy for you.

    Your friend Alan

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